Gomu Workshop is happy to collaborate with artist, Noumier Tawilah to transform his Victorian Monsters concept art into miniatures

boss three eye a027cb7d7d91a5aaf568c544b4f8c43b Victorian Monsters




About Noumier Tawilah

Noumier Tawilah is a Canadian visual artist, He studied at St.Luc superior school and the royal academy of art in Belgium. Noumier also presided over several projects including the David Letterman comic book, the Marvel Superhero Squad video game concept art, as well as projects related to art direction, character design, animation, and film production. He is the proud winner of many art competitions (Best poster for Mome Story children theater in Belgium and several Megadeth Christmas card contests). Noumier also participates actively in European and North American art exhibitions. His art has also been featured in many publications such as the Los Angeles magazine, USA Today, and NY daily news.